Ree's Mom's Muffins

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, always has wonderful recipes that frequently include all sorts of goodness that is best in moderation (butter, sugar, bacon...). Then last month I was catching up on blog posts and came across this recipe on Ree's blog - I was floored to discover the list of ingredients did not include butter or oil and had a reasonable amount of sugar. Then it made sense... it was her mom's recipe! I rarely bake and have a long history of mediocre and failed baking attempts - mostly because baking requires following a recipe when you don't understand the mechanics of making it work. I usually start out with good intentions, but in the end my creativity overrides and the results are less than favorable for anyone with any sort of taste.

But... I saw this recipe and had no desire to get 'creative'. These are healthy, very easy to make and simply delicious!image

As you can see, there are quite a few ingredients - I accidentally left the oats out of the above photo, but I did omit the nasty raisins in the actual muffins so it evens out. Ree shares her feelings on bananas in her recipe post and my feeling on raisins are just about the same. The raisins did make the photo because I was going to make 2 batches - 1 with raisins for hubby and 1 without - but I forgot a banana at the store and wasn't going back to work for that, so I only made one batch. More that you wanted or needed to know, right?


So... Here we are with all the ingredients and there are the oats!


Look at that! I would say we have baking success!!! They are seriously yummy and I'm making another batch this weekend. They were great for a grab-and-go breakfast or a quick snack. One wrapped muffin resided in my purse for a couple days just in case I ended up somewhere and was starving - yes, I'm weird like that and always have food, water and knitting at my disposal.

So even though these aren't my mom's muffins, I'm sure my mom would approve and maybe she'll even make a batch when she reads this. I hope you try them, too!



Puppy Cookies

I talk about my pups a lot, and this is why:

Mr. Joey
 Mr. Logan
These boys of mine are freakin' adorable!   
From time to time their cute gets the best of me and I make them cookies.  Funny thing, I don't like to bake.  I am not good at it, but what I bake for them gets gobbled up so I will continue to bake for my kids.    
Awhile back I went to Dogfest in Madison, WI (a long while back, like 10 years or so) and couldn't resist picking up a copy of the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook.  This book has over 50 recipes for fun and natural dog treats that will tempt the bipeds just the same.  There are cookies, pizza, cake, and more!
The recipe I made for them this week were the Howlin' Hula Bars. 
These are a little bland for my taste, but my boys LOVE them!  Yes, I admit, I tried them. 
If you want to bake for your pooch, you can get your own copy of the book here on the Three Dog Bakery website.