Puppy Cookies

I talk about my pups a lot, and this is why:

Mr. Joey
 Mr. Logan
These boys of mine are freakin' adorable!   
From time to time their cute gets the best of me and I make them cookies.  Funny thing, I don't like to bake.  I am not good at it, but what I bake for them gets gobbled up so I will continue to bake for my kids.    
Awhile back I went to Dogfest in Madison, WI (a long while back, like 10 years or so) and couldn't resist picking up a copy of the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook.  This book has over 50 recipes for fun and natural dog treats that will tempt the bipeds just the same.  There are cookies, pizza, cake, and more!
The recipe I made for them this week were the Howlin' Hula Bars. 
These are a little bland for my taste, but my boys LOVE them!  Yes, I admit, I tried them. 
If you want to bake for your pooch, you can get your own copy of the book here on the Three Dog Bakery website.