Welcome! I'm Alisa and I love to create. My lifelong passion for color, texture, and design always has me submersed in some sort of creative endeavor...

I love fiber. A lot... in 2001, I held knitting needles in my hands for the first time and I've never looked back. I love knitting - it's the perfect place where color, texture, design and math exist in the same place (I LOVE numbers) - this is where I feel at "home". I enjoy knitting just about everything, but I really do appreciate designs with classic simplicity and beautiful yarn.

I sew things... I also love sewing and adding to my handmade wardrobe. Color, texture, and design initially led me to a career in fashion that very much influences my sewing (and knitting).  

I cook. A lot... the kitchen is the other place where I feel at "home". I really love cooking. And eating. I'm passionate about food and eating well and I love sharing my food creations. 

Other creative randomness... occasionally my hands will do something other than knit, sew or cook and I can be found at my spinning wheel, dying yarn, or involved in some other creative randomness. 

I'm an entrepreneur... my love of knitting and inherent entrepreneurial spirit influenced my path in life and the LYS Firefly Fibers opened for business in 2010. Owning and running a business is very hard work, but it's the most rewarding and enjoyable career I've ever had.

I live in Wisconsin with my wonderful husband - frequently referred to as hubby or Mr. Yarnista - and our Siberian Husky, Rollo. This is a good life and I am a very lucky lady.