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Times moves much too fast and there really aren't enough hours in the day for everything that I want -- or think I 'need' -- to do. Can you relate?With each New Year I promise myself that I'm going take the time to knit some small, simple projects for myself and gifting throughout the year, but life takes over and so many of the things I would love to knit get pushed aside, or are knit in a last-minute frenzy. In reality, I know I allow life take over, and I'm determined to change that this year....

Simple Knits KAL
Simple Knits KAL

Simple Knits is a year of knitting one project each month that is simple, yet enjoyable, because of technique, yarn, design, or all of the above - you know, those projects that just let you enjoy using two sticks & some string to magically create fabric. A year of simple projects that are a fabulous 'something' to knit for yourself or perfect for gifting to a loved one, yet... most won't take more than a few evenings or a weekend to complete.

So, what can you expect? Well, I surely don't want to spoil any surprises, but I can tell you that some of my favorite designers will be featured in the upcoming months and there will be some giveaways along the way. To kick off our Knitalong, we're going to start the New Year with one of my fave's -- Very Shannon.

Very Shannon Logo
Very Shannon Logo

I adore Shannon and her designs - simple and elegant with a touch of interest for an enjoyable knit (or sew) and a very special finished project. Lansbury has been on my 'to knit' list since Shannon released the pattern nearly 2 years ago, so that's exactly what's going on the needles for January!


"Named for the lovely Angela Lansbury & her long time show Murder, She Wrote, this cowl represents all the twists & turns involved in solving a good mystery. I have fond memories of curling up watching Angela Lansbury daily with my Omi while knitting & crocheting alongside her. I still tune in regularly with reruns on netflix with my favorite tea and some twist filled knitting."


Like Shannon, I watched Murder She Wrote with my grandma many (many) years ago. My grandma has since passed and I'm sure I'll think of fondly, and often, as I knit this cowl - I may even reminisce by watching some episodes on Netflix while I knit.

One of the things that I love about this cowl, is that it's perfect for that special skein of yarn -- Lansbury only uses ~200 yards of aran weight yarn (heavier worsted). I've wound my skein of yarn and I'll share my yarn selection and progress soon - I can't wait to see the yarn you choose!


Pop on over to Shannon's blog to read more about her Lansbury cowl here. If you don't already follow Shannon... along with awesome blog, you can find her on twitter, facebook, instagram, and pinterest

This is just the beginning of our Knitalong. With 12 months and 12 projects, you can knit a few projects for yourself and some as gifts throughout the year -you may even decide to knit duplicates! Just the thought of having some fresh knitted items for myself and the potential of being prepared for gifting before the last-minute, brings a smile to my face and I hope you're smiling too!

:: Simple Knits | A Knitalong ::

Taking -- and making -- time each month to knit a fabulous new something for yourself or the perfect gift for a loved one.

Visit our Simple Knits Ravelry thread for Knitalong details and to join the fun -- don't forget, we'll have some giveaways throughout the year for your FO's!

I'm signing off to cast on my Lansbury! Cheers!

On the Needles | Lofty Goals

The weekend is here and it's been super busy at Firefly Fibers. Life has been a little less than cooperative as of late and, although I'm mostly caught up, I'm still a wee bit behind on the knitting. So, I hope to take care of a good portion of the knitting backlog this weekend. Can you hear me squealing with joy?

Goal #1: 

The new Fall Knitalong is on my needles and I plan to wrap that up this weekend.

Since casting on with this beautiful yarn at a baseball game...


I've been stealing blocks of time here and there, but now I'm on the last section of charts. It's quite scrunched up on the needles and I can't wait to bind off and see what it looks like in all its glory! Here's another WIP photo from early on:


I cannot sing enough praises about Julie & her yarn (I love every single one that I've knit with and she's a pleasure to work with) and the Campside pattern has such a lovely rhythm to it (Alicia, the designer, was just as wonderful and kind when I reached out to her to finalize the Knitalong details for the shop). Many thanks to both of you and to Pom Pom Quarterly for publishing the pattern!

All in all... This shawl has been a joy to knit, but it's time to wrap it up and get it off the needles so it can be on display at the shop - get ready to drool!

Goal #2:

Inland for the Journey-along.

Yup, this is still the last of the progress - I'm stuck on those blasted sleeves and as the leader of this knitalong, I'm hanging my head in shame.

Inland Sleeves

I lost my motivation when the weather warmed and my practical side didn't see the purpose in plowing through a bulky sweater when summer was right around the corner and I had other things to knit. But now it's 45 outside and I wish I would have stuck with it. So, my goal is to get back at this this weekend and finish up the sleeves, at the very least - after finishing Campside, of course.

Goal #3:

I cast on a new CustomFit sweater this last July on our Colorado trip while watching episode after episode of Gilmore Girls. Sadly, the sweater lost momentum at... you guessed it, the sleeves.


It's a CustomFit version of Knitbot's Featherweight with 3/4 length sleeves and the rest of the body is done, so I hope to get those cast on and finish them up this weekend, too.

IMG_20140701_202109 I have a couple other things that might find their way onto the needles because I desperately need a smaller project, but we'll see... I'll keep you posted.

Cheers and Happy Weekend!