Time to Slow Down

image Last week I had some much needed time off - 9 whole days to be exact. We didn't make plans, so I spent a good portion of the time knitting (mostly shop projects - more on that later) and cleaning to prepare for my cousin's upcoming visit this weekend (more to come on that, too).

I did spend some time in the kitchen and you can see from the photo of last week's Good Earth Farm CSA delivery, it was a glorious week for the veggies!


I made a breakfast for hubby and I using a fritatta recipe from the CSA's July 3rd newsletter omitting the egg yolks and used feta instead of goat cheese since that's what was in the fridge and we had green salad on the side - it was delicious and the perfect way to start a summer day!


We made a trip up north and celebrated the 4th of July at hubby's grandma's house in Gresham, WI. It was a beautiful day with wonderful company and some great food!

But, by far my favorite moment of the week was this...

wpid-kirschbaums.jpgA trip to Kirschbaum's Strawberry Acres. I got strawberries from our CSA and they're prepped in the freezer for this year's batch (or batches) of Jeni's Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk Ice Cream, but since they're only in season a short while, I wanted to stock up.

wpid-berries.jpgThey're lovely, aren't they? The berries themselves were pretty amazing, but the best part was...

wpid-Joey-berries.jpgThis guy, my fabulous co-pilot! Joey is bonkers for fresh fruit and veggies and he can hardly contain himself each week when the CSA arrives, but this was a whole new level of awesome for him.

At 12+ years old, he has a bum knee, a liver that needs supplements and other signs of wear so I like doing special things for & with him. I decided 'the dude' was worthy of a special trip with mama for some delicious berries - even though I knew I was risking his head potentially exploding from the excitement. When I came back to the car with 10+ lbs of berries and 5 lbs of peas, his cute head did in fact almost explode. The first berry was promptly plucked out of the box and devoured a mere millisecond after I snapped the photo.

I tried to 'disconnect' as much as I could this last week and I can't wait to catch you up on what I've been knitting and some of the amazing things I unearthed during my cleaning. For today, I hope my happy Joey moment has made you smile!

Cheers! Alisa