On the needles | Sweaters, hats and more...

So, I'm a wee bit under the weather. This last weekend was Mr. Yarnista's birthday and I was lucky enough to come down with a dreadful cold 2 days before his big party and then give it to him. Happy birthday, my love!

The September Simple Knits project will be coming your way later this week, along with a new podcast since the hubby thought it would be best for me to go to bed and sleep this last weekend instead of chatting with you. In the meantime, the August project will extend through Sunday, September 6th, so you can finish up any WIPs (or maybe even cast on a second hat). 

Today, I thought I would share what I've been working on (between naps, that is)... 

There's this beauty - Unicorn Stripes.

I've made a little more progress since this picture... I'm 4 colors further down the line (of the total 30) and I'm knitting my way through that bright Edison Bulb - it's totally crazy but a super fun color to knit with! I have the next 5 colors ready to wind into balls and I'm excited show off the next series of colors! Tomorrow morning over coffee, perhaps? 

There's also a new sweater - Wolf River by Dandiliongirl Designs. This photo is from *gulp* February when I wound the yarn.

I decided to belatedly join Very Shannon's SSKAL15 with just a little over 2 weeks to go, so I better kick it into gear. LOL! I cast on last weekend (finally) and have about 1/3 of the back done. I'll share my progress with you soon on Instagram and Facebook

I finished up my August Simple Knits project, Go! and it's drying now. Since this is technically an "on" the needles post, here it is as a WIP on my crazy weekend night with Sam Seaborn, a box of Puffs and cough drops. 

This was my view all weekend and will be again as soon as my boss let's me go home for the day. Wait a second...