Kitchen Distractions

It seems that time goes fast enough as it is, but then there's the excitement of the week leading up to posting new classes at the store with last-minute decisions, photography, displays, proofing (and re-proofing) of class sheet, the website, the newsletter... The pieces always fall into place in the end and I'm always proud of not only successfully posting another round of classes, but that I do so with my sanity intact. One thing that does happen the week before classes is time in the kitchen. Usually I'm working away in the living room on various class tasks and need a breather, so I get up and wander to the kitchen for a snack of some sort. Then, I get distracted and end up spending an hour or more concocting something with what we have on hand. This kitchen distraction was a little different; I had a recipe in mind from earlier in the week from my Pinterest feed (my foodie inspiration), so I knew I had the supplies on hand.

The recipe, Microwave Caramel Popcorn by, calls for a  "large paper grocery bag" and this had me excited to try it out - yes, I'm that easy

This is the easiest caramel corn I've ever made, clean up is a snap and it was delicious - yes, "was", it's gone!

When all was said and done, it took about 25 minutes, including: rummaging through the cupboards for supplies, getting out the popcorn popper, popping corn and toasting almonds.

With the exception of a distraction here and there, just about everything in my life gets put on hold for a few days during class posting so I don't get much time with the sticks and string. I knit a sock, but I really don't count that since it was technically work being the test run with note-taking for the class I'm teaching in March; also, it's only 1 sock and there are no immediate plans to cast on it's mate.

So, today is the day. I've had a cup (actually a jar) of chai, now it's time to brew some coffee and cast on a new project. It's early yet on this "Sunday" of mine, so I'm optimistic that I can get a special small project cast on and off before the end of the day and also work on a new shop sample. I might even be posting a few progress photos here and on my Facebook page later in the day. *wink*

Remember, my Cuppow and Canning Jar Sweater Giveaway goes through Saturday, December 8th. If you missed the post or haven't entered a comment yet, you still have time. I'm really enjoying all of the comments -- thank you -- and I can't wait to try your recipes!