Adventures in Yogurt Making

So, I've been pretty active the last few weeks.  I've been working on several work projects and we've been pretty busy with life in general. I've been doing a fair amount of knitting but I have also been finding time to do a little something in the kitchen.
A friend gifted a yogurt maker to me a few weeks back.  I was ecstatic and I'm pretty sure she thought I was nuts for my overwhelming enthusiasm at making my own yogurt - I get really excited sometimes.  LOL!
Here's the maker I got, it's from 1976 so it's as old as me!  It matches our kitchen counters very well, don't you think?
It came with EVERYTHING: manual, all the jars, lids and even the thermometer spoon.
I followed directions, twice, and only was able to make rotten milk.  It was very sad.  After the second trial, I admitted that this old gal may be past her prime so after some research, I ordered a new one.  This one is the Eurocuisine YM80 and it really is fabulous!
It has 7 individual serving jars and they are just the perfect size.  I am using organic skim milk, organic powdered nonfat milk and a little Greek yogurt for the starter.
We've been using it for smoothies with a banana and an orange.  Delicious!