Awesome Yellow Sweater!

It's true. I finally finished this one up for good. Isn't it pretty? This lightweight, short-sleeve sweater simply screams spring and summer so I hope this encourages the arrival of warmer weather.

Nevis3AYPattern: Nevis Cardigan by Stefanie Japel

Yarn: Sock by Shibui Knits in Finch

Raveled: Awesome Yellow Nevis

My Awesome Yellow Nevis all came about because a lovely knitter came into the shop last spring/summer wearing one she had knit and I just had to knit my own - this is a job hazard and happens a lot. I finally cast on in August and worked on a fair amount during my trip to Colorado.

Nevis1AYThis sweater was a pure joy to knit - between the simple construction and the 'wow' factor of the yarn, I enjoyed it from start to finish... and to finish again. The initial finishing was exactly as the pattern was written with a small garter band along the front edge, but after the first wearing the edge promptly folded under. Boo!

So, after setting the sweater aside for a few months, I finally pulled it out again to re-knit the front edge with more garter to curb it's natural tendency to roll. After the second finishing, I must say that I am very pleased. So pleased, in fact, that I am wearing it now and it's still cold - 36 degrees to be exact.

Nevis2AYA series of simple increases gives it just the perfect amount of understated shaping. It was this little bit of detail that I fell in love with and made me 'have' to knit it.

Nevis5AYAnd, the yarn! Oh my! I love Shibui in general, but I never thought that this would knit up with so much depth of color.

Well, I guess I better get back to my O W L S. Last night I said I was hoping to bind off within 24 hours, so I better get back at it so I can make that happen.