On the Needles | Things are twisted...

As the weather is cooling down, my list of knitting "wants" continues to grow, but I'm trying very hard to get some projects off the needles and not cast on too many new projects. You see, I have several pairs of socks in progress (I'm not going to count, it's really just embarrassing at this point), 3 sweaters (maybe 4 or 5, but one is going to be frogged and the yarn re-purposed for a shop sample and 2 are linen and it's not really linen weather in Wisconsin now),  a hippo that needs to be done this weekend since the recipient will be arriving in a couple weeks, and a few others. A list might be a good idea, but (for now) I'm going to focus on getting a few projects finished before I shock myself into reality. 

This weekend I've focused on turning the heel on a pair of socks and 2 other projects:

twisted ribs.jpg

The first is the pink... I've been beta-testing for the new CustomFit shapes that are coming soon *squee* and with my sweater body finished and on the blocking boards, today was the day to cast on the sleeves. I'm several inches past the twisted rib cuff and I expect to wrap up the first one tonight yet and hopefully the second tomorrow. It's exciting to think that there's a very good chance that I'll be wearing this sweater (and be able to share details) in just a few days!

The second project is the brim of a hat - also twisted rib... This is a new project that I just couldn't resist casting on and it's going to make a fabulous Firefly Fibers shop sample when it's done. This is the Passerine Hat by Erica Heusser and I can't wait to get past the brim and start knitting those birds! 

© Erica Heusser

© Erica Heusser


I've had my eye on Passerine and managed to push it aside, but then a friend mentioned it to me a few days ago, and with the sleeves queued up, casting on was inevitable to motivate me. So, after contemplating Unicorn Tail colors yesterday for much longer than necessary since I stare at them for hours a day at the shop, I finally decided on Glazed Pecan for the body and Cousteau for the birds.  Did I mention that I can't wait to start knitting those birds?!  The pattern calls for 3 Unicorn Tails of the MC and 1 of the CC, but I decided to go with a full skein of TML for the body since I'm sure I'll be knitting more than one and the Glazed Pecan is a great background color.  

With that... I better wrap up and get back to the knitting (and the very neglected crying husky). Hubby is helping family up north today and he'll be home soon, so I should probably get some supper started and prep for our weekly podcast recording. I hope you found some time to create this weekend!