Inspiration | Making Time

As I look back through the last few months of blog posts, it seems as though I haven't had a lot to say, but it's actually quite the opposite. Unfortunately, the winter months are extra busy for me because that's when we (knitters) knit (a lot), so that means that things are chaotic at the shop as I play the endless game of catch-up to avoid ending up buried in what I refer to as my "box fort" of deliveries and keep up on shop/class samples. I've been trying hard to find time to make time for the things that make me slow down and feel less frantic, so I've been trying to cook, knit (shocking, right?), sew, spin a little and read more.

Sometimes, it happens...

This basket of loveliness came home with me last weekend because I needed some inspiration to make that creative time for myself and it did the trick - it was also just really pretty to look at. Art Gallery Fabrics is a recent addition at Firefly Fibers and this cotton has several plans in its future (more to come on that soon) and the yarn is going to be swatched for potential projects (more to come on those soon, too).This is some secret knitting for the next Knitalong and I've really been enjoying it - other than the knitting in secret part because I really would prefer to share. Really, I don't like keeping secrets. 

I'm sneaking in a bit of secret knitting before heading to @fireflyfibers for the day. #secretknitting #wishicouldsharebuticant #knittersofinstagram #igknitters #fireflyfibers

I've also been spending more time in the kitchen... If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you're probably aware that I cook a lot and may have noticed that my diet has changed over the last few months. Last summer, I spent a fair amount of time not feeling well and missed time with family and simply enjoying life because of it. We're still working on a diagnosis, but I'm now eating gluten free and feeling much better.

This change has been a lot of work and has meant that I'm spending even more time in the kitchen because eating out is no longer a simple task, thankfully I LOVE cooking and my family has been so very supportive! I'm lucky to have wonderful friends that have shared some great resources and tips with me and, because of them, I've added some great cookbooks to my collection:

Sometimes a few new cookbooks are a well-deserved treat. #makingourselves #glutenfree #againstallgrain #homecooking #paleoThese 3 are my newest additions and I'll share more on these and a couple of my other faves soon. Rest assured that my new cookbooks are getting a good workout.

And of course, we need an update on these guys...

The brothers hanging out... #gsd #husky #rescue #humanesociety #adopted #dogslife #dogsofinstagram

Logan and Rollo are both doing well and Rollo is settling in nicely after 6 months with our family. We still have moments, but those moments could be adjusting or just the nature of a husky. Lol!

Hubby is in Arizona for the Milwaukee Brewers Spring Training - lucky - and the weather is gorgeous there. This is what we've woken up to twice this week in Wisconsin and it's not quite the same, but spring will come. I'm trying to remain optimistic.

Good morning from snowy Wisconsin! The boys are excited about the weather, I'm ready for spring. #winter #isitoveryet #snow #gsd #pawprint #dogsofinstagramI woke up this morning and opened my birthday package from my dear cousin - it's always a little like Christmas when her gifts arrive. This year, she kindly tucked in this photo that she found when cleaning out my grandparent's house. Talk about making a lady feel old. LOL! So... here I am, 39 years ago...


To celebrate, I wound yarn for Very Shannon's Gilmore Girls Knit Along and this project will be for me! *squee* It's Friday morning Open Knitting and the shop is buzzing with the chatter of knitters, so I've successfully negotiated with the "boss" and I'm off to cast on!