Journey-Along | Winners & FO's

The time has arrived to wrap up our Journey-along and that means I have my final projects to share and a the giveaway winners to announce! First up, the FO's...

This was done quite awhile ago:


This amazing shawl is currently on display at Firefly Fibers and I can't wait to wear it! Knit in a worsted weight yarn with a very generous finished size, it's super warm and snuggly and great for snowy days like today.

Pattern: Onward from Journey by Shannon Cook

Yarn: Pure Wool Worsted by Rowan in Bottle

Raveled: Onward

I also finished these:


Climb was so much fun to knit (all 3 times) because the stockinette patterning makes it perfect for 'on-the-go' sock knitting. I cast these on during out trip to Colorado this last summer and threw caution to the wind and knit from both ends of the ball - my inner perfectionist squawked a little at the uneven stripes, but I eventually got over it because, after all, how serious can I get about crazy fluorescent socks? 

Pattern: Climb from Journey by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Fluormania by Regia in Neon Flowers (7188)

Raveled: Climb - v3

And, this was finally finished:

ABM_1416858114I can honestly say that I love this sweater and the yarn. The project sat hibernating for quite awhile, but once I picked it back up this fall, it went fast. With the cold winter we have ahead of us, this is one sweater that is going to get a workout - I've barely taken it off since it was dry just over 2 weeks ago. I really love it!

Pattern: Inland from Journey by Jane Richmond

Yarn: Nature Spun Chunky by Brown Sheep in Grey Heather

Raveled: Inland

Time ran out and I didn't get to knit Shannon's gorgeous Antrorse, but it is in the queue and it will be cast on since I have some sweater fun planned for 2015! Details coming soon...

Enough about me - let's get to the giveaway! Using a random number generator, the winners for each of our final prizes are:

Extra Giveaway JALPrize #1 Winner...  Elizabeth (Ravelry ID: jelin) You've won one skein of Extra (55% baby alpaca | 45% fine merino) and a Pretty Cheep project bag! 

Sportweight Giveaway JAL

Prize #2 Winner...  Teresa (Ravelry ID: tmmiller1) You've won 2 skeins of Sport Weight (100% baby alpaca) and a Pretty Cheep project bag! 

Congratulations to both of you and I'll be in touch regarding your prizes!

One final thank you and a huge 'shout-out' to all the fabulous knitters that joined and have been clicking along since last February - it was so much fun and I wouldn't have been as motivated without you! You. Are. Awesome.

Stay tuned for more 'along' fun and some other goodies!


Journey-Along | Final Giveaway

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is the end of the Journey-along, but that doesn't mean it's the end of knitting projects from Journey - for me at least. I really wanted to knit all 6 projects and that was my goal, but I came close and with Antrorse being the only project left to knit (and it will be knit). Even so... I managed to finish what I feel is a respectable number of Journey projects and I'd like to wrap things up with all Journey WIP's in FO status. That being said, today and tomorrow I'll try to get my 3rd pair of Climb's off the needles and with ~5" to go on the cuff, I'm optimistic.

But this post isn't about me... it's about the lovely knitters that have spent the last 10+ months knitting along with me. A very warm thank you for joining me in this knitting fun - it wouldn't have been the same or nearly as fun without you. For the knitters that came along on this 'journey', I will be drawing 2 names for 2 really wonderful prizes.

It's no secret that I have a huge crush on Blue Sky Alpacas - they are wonderful to work with and I love each and every one of their yarns. I've stocked Blue Sky Alpacas at Firefly Fibers since we opened and we now carry just about every yarn in the line. The first prize is their newest yarn, Extra...

Extra Giveaway JAL


One Journey-along'er will receive one skein of Extra (55% baby alpaca | 45% fine merino) and a Pretty Cheep project bag! Since the arrival of Extra last spring, there's been one Journey project that is a perfect fit for this yarn, Spate by Jane Richmond...



A Journey-along'er read my mind and knit up Spate in Extra and they are divine! I hope to knit up a pair for myself in the near future. Cross your fingers for me.

The second prize is Blue Sky Alpacas Sport Weight - this yarn is a staple and the very first Blue Sky Alpacas yarn we brought into the shop...

Sportweight Giveaway JALOne Journey-along'er will receive 2 skeins of Sport Weight (100% baby alpaca) and a Pretty Cheep project bag! This yarn has made it to my needles twice for Swift by Shannon Cook...


Yes, I loved this yarn/pattern combination so much that I actually knit it twice and I'm sure it will find it's way to my needles again.

The Journey-along wraps up tomorrow and I hope everyone had as much fun as I did - don't forget to post your FO photos on Ravelry (tag with #journeyalong) and I'll get my final projects uploaded for you, too. I'll be back in the near future with a wrap-up post and to announce the two Journey-along'ers for our final giveaway. Stay tuned....

Which Journey project was your favorite? 



On the Needles | Journey-along & Inland

Whew! March was a long month and yesterday was the first day in almost a month that I finally felt like myself again after battling a terrible cold bug. I was a flurry of crafty and kitchen activity all day and I'll share details with you on that later this week. Today I'm happy to share that I'm casting on a sweater for the Journey-along. This beautiful grey is going to be Inland and, from what I've heard, I'll want to live in it.


I've had yarn wound for this sweater for months and now that I'm getting ready to cast on, I'm super excited! The weather is warming up here, but it will still be cool in the evenings for quite awhile, so I'm sure this sweater will get plenty of use.

I'm working on ideas for the next Journey-along giveaway, so stay tuned... Many thanks (again) to the Journey designers, Shannon & Jane, for sponsoring the first giveaway with 2 eBook copies of Journey - congrats to Deb & Sandy on winning!

I've loved the enthusiasm for the projects in this book and our Journey-along Ravelry group is so much fun with both local and not-so-localknitters sharing in the fun. Since we're knitting through November, it's not too late to join the fun!

I'm off to cast on a new sweater and hoping to knit like the wind. Cheers!