Moments | The Good Stuff...

It's been awhile since I posted... things have been crazy and May was relentless. Our little family had a lot happening in our lives - good and bad - and we seem to have come out on the other side with our smiles intact. Making it through especially trying times feels good - it's never easy, sometimes life throws a whole lot at you all at once, and it's a lot of work that sometimes can feel like you're just treading water. But... like I said, our smiles are intact and here are a few of the reasons why: May had us celebrating our 4-year anniversary at Firefly Fibers! The 4-year mark is quite the milestone and this last year has been our busiest yet. I am so proud of our little shop and am so lucky to spend my days working with such wonderful people that constantly inspire me. Many thanks to all of the awesome Firefly Fibers enthusiasts for the last 4 wonderful years and here's to many more!

4 year cake

This weekend was the high school graduation for Beaver Dam and our friends were kind enough to invite us to their son's graduation party. The company was wonderful, we met some great folks, hubby got to play Xbox games with some guys that were *gulp* half his age and didn't die first, and (as an added bonus) there were animals. These are just a few of them:


Not pictured: Frankie the pig, Otis the cat (who slumbers with Frankie), Picasso the angora rabbit, several chickens, and 3 dogs  - all of these animals stole my heart.

Today was also quite a day for "the good stuff". This last Christmas, my father-in-law gifted his 1969 Dodge Charger to hubby. Yeah, kind of amazing, right?! After months of waiting, today was the day it came home with us and it is one beautiful car. Here's hubby driving it on our way home today:


There's sure to be more about this car (and more photos) in the near future, so stay tuned.

Along with this fabulousness, we also launched CustomFit at the shop (more on my first CustomFit sweater is coming soon), I cast off another Journey-along project (there will be a fun giveaway happening this month), and we have some really awesome stuff on the horizon at the shop (that *always* makes me happy).

Cheers and I'll be back soon! I promise...