In the Kitchen | Veggies & Cold Brew

One of my favorite times of the year is here...


CSA season!!! Our local CSA is Good Earth Farm and they are wonderful! We get a small share since it's just the two of us, and it's usually more than enough (and then some). Our first delivery looks great and I really can't wait to gobble this up!

Did you notice the jar of dark deliciouness back behind the veggies? Yeah, I love coffee and with the warm weather... it's cold brew season!


I recently ordered some cold brew CoffeeSock filters to add to the already amazing Cuppow products we stock at Firefly Fibers and this week I finally tried one out...


In summary... The CoffeeSock is fabulous - the clean up is so easy - and the cold brew is delicious! All you need is a 64oz (half gallon) canning jar, 6 oz of ground coffee, filtered water, and 12-14 hours of patience to wait for it to be ready. Sadly, staring at it doesn't make it brew any faster.


 It's well worth the wait and I'm sure to be full caffeinated the entire summer!

I'm off to get some packing done. We're getting ready to take a vacation next week - yes, you read correctly... a vacation. My dear cousin is kind enough to let Mr. Logan stay in her home, so he needed to get cleaned up. This last week we headed off to the doggie salon...

IMG_20140620_074628The poor boy had no idea of what torture laid ahead, but after some kicking and screaming with mama's departure during the drop off, he sure looks and smells awesome now!