Moments | Another Year...

As you probably know, I quite adore my husband. Mike is a pretty incredible guy and I'm a very lucky lady. Today is our 8 year wedding anniversary and I'm smiling from ear to ear thinking of our life together thus far.


We celebrated our anniversary this last weekend with dinners and some quality time together - including a nice ride out in his "new" 1969 Dodge Charger.IMG_20140713_123214

Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive in a beautiful classic car with the windows down.


My hubby is my biggest fan and encourager of making things happen that I might have only dreamed or had a momentary thought of - including Firefly Fibers. My life is full and happy because of him.

This last year has brought a lot of joy, and a lot of heartbreak, for both of us. Together, we take it one day at a time and I couldn't imagine a better partner and best friend to spend my time and my life with. I am, very much, a VERY lucky lady.

Cheers and here's to many more!