Morning is my favorite part of the day - if I can ease into it, I love it even more and that's how this morning has been. Logan has been fed, Mike is still snoozing (or waking slowly) and I'm enjoying the quiet of my home with a cup of coffee and preparing for a day with family. I have many things to be thankful for, these are just a few: Over the last few years, I've enjoyed beautiful relationships with knitters, crocheters, spinners, etc. My days at Firefly Fibers are brightened with the 'show-and-tell', fiber woes, fiber triumphs, and the general awesomeness of sharing a love of all things fiber. I truly love what I do and I'm lucky to be able to share my passion for color, texture and design as a career. Thank you, my fellow fiber enthusiasts.

Each and every day, I am so very thankful for my wonderful husband that encouraged me to take a leap (a BIG one) to make a dream a reality and open a yarn shop. This amazing opportunity is something that I could never have imagined into reality without Mike/Mr. Firefly/Mr. Yarnista and he still encourages me each and every day and helps in any way that he can. He's also great at grape picking, kraut smushing, grilling and an all around fabulous guy. Thank you, my dear.

There's also my buddy, Logan - he's kind of fabulous, too. At 100+ lbs of sensitive German Shepherd, he's our gentle giant. He's always up for a good game of chase in the backyard, is a great listener and will follow us wherever we go. I'm thankful for him choosing us many years ago at the humane society.

We'll be off soon for a day with our family, great food, smart talking and I'm sure to be doing some knitting.

Be happy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

with thanks...

It is no secret that I relish days off -- especially when they come with the company of wonderful family and delicious food. With my knitting bag bursting at the seams, we hit the road this morning for just that. Today I laughed until it hurt and ate delicious food until I thought I was going to burst. A day with family was just the break I needed and I am recharged.

I am thankful for my beautiful life and the wonderful people I get to share it with. Many thanks to each of you that brings light into my life. I am a very lucky lady.