Inspiration | I have never...

I love winter, but this has been a trying winter and I'm ready for spring. Each year, I anxiously wait for the first snowfall, but it's just been too cold this year. I moved to Wisconsin from North Dakota and Minnesota, so I'm familiar with cold. Very familiar. I know this winter has been trying for a lot of people, so today I feel like sharing a little inspiration to keep us moving forward. I hope you enjoy!

Meet my amazing friend, Caleb. He's on a journey - a 365 day journey of exploration of self-discovery. What is that all about, you ask? Well, here it is in his own words:

"When is the last time you tried  something new?" It's a question most people have to think about before they can answer. For any number of reasons, we often rely on the familiar and avoid exploring the unknown... But that's not me. I'm tired of the routine. As a result, I decided my 30th year would be one of new experiences. I intend to see, learn, or do something I have never experienced each day over the next 365 days. In what is bound to be one crazy experiment, I hope to take away as much as possible from my 365 day journey of exploration for self-discovery.

This exploration began on his 30th birthday - Monday, May 13th, 2013 - and today is day 278. That's a lot of "never's" to experience. Kind of crazy right?

... I  intend to do something I have never done everyday, and to post a photo of my daily "I have never..." on this blog.  I realize it will be difficult, and I know it may not happen.

I for one, had no doubts that he would make this happen - if anyone can and would do this, it's Caleb. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

This is Michael. He got away before getting his haircut.

Caleb had Daniel and the Lion at his house for a concert.

Ireland has now moved up on my list of places to visit.

And random acts of kindness.

And then... for a little fun, there's a pole dancing class.

A food "never" is always intriguing and tempting for me - even stomach.

I admire Caleb's open-minded approach to each "never" and being able to follow along has inspired me and makes me realize I should be doing more. Often the "never" is something that one probably would NEVER experience in their lifetime, but we can changer that. Admittedly, I feel like I just don't have time, but really, shouldn't we all be making time for new experiences?

You can find Caleb's 365-day journey at - take a look and I hope you follow Caleb as his journey continues to close in on day 365. Maybe you'll even find a little inspiration for a "never" or two of your own.

~ Many thanks to Caleb for sharing his 365-day journey and for his permission to share his photos.