Be My Valentine...

To be perfectly honest, this hat was supposed to be ready a few months ago, but life took over and the project sat on the back burner for awhile waiting to be cast on. First it was simply going to be a warm winter hat (in October), then I tried to slate it as a Christmas hat (that failed for obvious reasons) but, finally it happened and it is now officially the Valentine's Day hat! Buckingham3AY Ever since the Royal Petites arrived at the store this last fall, I've been wanting to make the Buckingham Hat - not only is the yarn luxurious in color and texture, the sophisticated rib pattern and tailored crown decreases make this a classic handsome hat that I knew would be perfect for my hubby.

Buckingham1AYI'm thankful my dear husband understands that I have a few things happening on the needles -- shop samples, class projects, random experiments and the occasional project that is just for me -- and he very patient.

Buckingham2AYI did make modifications to the length so it would be plenty long to cover the ears -my notes for that can be found here on my Ravelry project page.

I've finished a couple other projects and started a couple more, I can't wait to share!

Did you make anything special for the Valentine in your life?

Cheers, Alisa