Simple Knits | Jars in June

It's no secret that I have a bit of an obsession with canning jars. I really LOVE them. I always have. I grew up in the Colorado mountains and I have some beautiful vintage jars from there - I don't recall if they were found in our house, our "barn" (previously the town distillery/brewery), or from the random rubble I loved to scavenge in the forest - and my collection has only grown since then. 

The humble Mason Jar has a daily presence at our house - from beverages to divvying food servings to making cold-brew coffee to vases (especially the beautiful vintage blue glass). We've also been known to (on occasion) use canning jars for... canning. *wink*

Because of my jar love (aka obsession), when I first discovered Cuppow Drinking Lids, I was over the moon and had to find a way to carry them at Firefly Fibers, so I decided to design a... Canning Jar Sweater.

Silly? Maybe. Fun? FOR SURE!

Sadly, my current jar sweater needs to be retired (badly and some fellow knitters shot down my idea of darning it), so I'll be knitting a new one and I thought you might like to join me with this fast and fun project! 

The Canning Jar Sweater uses 35-60 yards of worsted weight yarn (it's a super fast knit) and the favorite shop yarn for this project is Spud & Chloe Sweater - the cotton in this yarn is perfect for absorbing a bit of extra moisture and ideal for warm weather. When it comes down to trying to choose a color, it might actually take less time to knit the project.

So... are you in? 

If so, if you don't have the pattern yet, for the next 2 weeks (through Saturday, June 20th) you can get the PDF pattern for the special price of $2 ($1 OFF) in two places:

  • :: the pattern is already on sale, so all you need to do is add it to your cart and check out - we even have Cuppow Drinking Lids in stock.
  • :: add the pattern to your cart and enter discount code 'SIMPLEKNITSKAL' for the $1 OFF.

I hope you'll join me this month in knitting some sweaters for your canning jars!



PS - I did finish May's project, Reminisce by Truly Myrtle, a couple weeks back and it's lovely! I'll share this FO and others soon!