Simple Knits | Marvelous May

Our May Simple Knits Knitalong project is by a designer that loves handmaking, has a wonderful blog, designs beautiful things, sews lovely projects, and shares gorgeous photos that - quite simply - inspire creativity and grow the art of making.

Say hello to... 

I'm a long-time follower of Truly Myrtle and, this year things have really taken off with the addition of a video podcast and monthly newsletter - as if I need more enabling. *wink* 

I reached out to Libby about featuring one of her beautiful designs as a Simple Knits Knitalong project and she not only enthusiastically said "yes", but also offered to share a bit about herself and do a little something extra for our Knitalong'ers. Yay! 

So, before we get into the project details... I'd like you to meet Libby:

"Hi everyone! I'm Libby and I write the Truly Myrtle blog, podcast and design knitting patterns. I live in rural New Zealand with my husband, four small children, a big vege garden and a gaggle of chickens.

Truly Myrtle is all about fibre, fabric and celebrating handmade. I love to try my hand at a bunch of crafts and take lots of photos. I'm passionate about creating a handmade wardrobe and I knit and sew many of my clothes. Lately I've been really enjoying publishing my knitwear designs so you can create your own beautiful handmade wardrobe too and I've got lots of ideas for many more designs in the works! Truly Myrtle patterns are modern, feminine and wearable designs. I design things that I love to wear and work hard to make my patterns as simple to use as possible.

I am an "everyday" knitter. I have lots of projects on the go and knit anywhere and everywhere! I love knitting while i'm chatting to friends although I'm careful to only work on simple things then! Some of my favourite places to knit are in bed on a weekend morning or in the evenings on the sofa. I really look forward to that time of the day, curled up and cosy, needles in my hand. Mr Myrtle is very good at finding shows for me to watch while I knit and lately I've been loving Poldark, Outlander and Offspring (an Australian show that has sadly just come to an end). We don't have a tv so we tend to binge watch shows on our computer when we find a good one and I have a tendency to stay up far to late with Mr Myrtle while we watch "just one more episode" ...

I'm so thrilled that some of you are going to knit my Reminisce hat! I love mine and have been wearing it a lot lately now the weather is turning cooler down here in New Zealand. Happy knitting!"


In keeping with our "simple" theme, Reminisce is our May project:

photo courtesy of Truly Myrtle

Isn't this a stunning hat? I've had several Truly Myrtle Designs on my knitting wish list for awhile, but - as you know - there are only so many hours in the day. So, I thought our Simple Knits Knitalong would be a perfect opportunity to finally knit one.

Picture a smouldering fire, good company, lively conversation and laughter late
into the night. Reminisce celebrates dear friends and happy memories. Knitted
in the round from the bottom up this deliciously textured hat is one to treasure,
just like great times with darling people. Featuring an all over “block” pattern
and gorgeous trailing cable panel, Reminisce warms our hearts and our heads.
The “shallow slouch” shape, a blend between a slouchy hat and beret, is
feminine & flattering. Reminisce is an entertaining knit including written &
charted instructions. Ideal for experienced knitters and adventurous beginners.

photo courtesy of Truly Myrtle

I'm excited to cast on and I know several knitters that probably are, too. And, of course, I have a few Firefly Fibers yarns in mind - Blue Sky's Suri Merino, Fibre Co. Acadia, Malabrigo Silky Merino and Julie Asselin Leizu DK. I'll be finalizing my yarn selection and casting on this weekend.

Do you want to join the knitalong fun this month? 

If so, I mentioned that Libby has a little something for our Knitalong'ers and it's 20% OFF the Reminisce pattern through Sunday, May 17th! Just pop on over to Ravelry to purchase the pattern here and enter the coupon code 'SIMPLEKNITSKAL'.  

You can find Libby here: Blog | Facebook | Pinterest | Ravelry | Instagram, I assure you that you won't be disappointed. Also, while you're at it, be sure to subscribe to Truly Myrtle's Handmade Newsletter - it's always full inspiration and handmaking advice and you may even see a couple tips in there from yours truly. 

Many thanks to Libby for taking time to be a part of our wee Knitalong and I can't wait to see your Reminisce!


PS - if you're looking for the shows that Libby mentioned, I searched for those of us in the US and here's what I came up with:

  • Poldark - available on Netflix on DVD
  • Offspring - 5 seasons available on Hulu (added to our queue)
  • Outlander - now available on Amazon on DVD and Instant Video (I have an Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket, so I may be purchasing this one).