Moments | Memories...

Hubby and I finally took a vacation together after nearly 4 years. It was nice. We drove out to Colorado for a few days to see my family and I'm hoping for time in the near future to sort through the pictures from our visit so I can share the awesomeness.

Today, what I want to share is something from our visit that really makes me smile (and get a wee bit choked up).

Grandpa Alisa Marie Christmas 1977

This is from Christmas 1977. That's my Grandpa on the left, my cousin Marie on the right, and I'm in the middle hugging my sweet cousin. We were about a year and a half old and Grandpa was much younger than he is now. You see, our visit was already planned and. in the weeks leading up to our trip, Grandpa was admitted to a nursing facility and the tone of our visit changed dramatically.

After our LONG drive to Colorado, we were exhausted and my heart was homesick for the mountains as we made our way into the city at sunset. When we FINALLY arrived at my cousin's home, I saw this on her fridge and my eyes welled up. Seeing this little blast from the past made me happy and remember a time when everyone was a bit younger. Today, I wanted to share this happy photo with you and I hope it makes you smile, too.

And... how about those pants I'm wearing? Jealous, aren't you?