A recount...

Last weekend it was obvious as I pulled project bag, after project bag, after project bag out of the, well... knitting bag(s), that I needed to be reigned in, because this is a lot of projects - even for me.

There were 14. Yes... F.O.U.R.T.E.E.N.

And, yes, I am ashamed. Kind of. When I'm not laughing. Mostly, I'm laughing.

Projects1AYSo, with class prep and fall sample knitting staring me in the face, I took a deep breath - maybe more than just one and I may have grabbed a bevie - and sat down to make some tough decisions.

In my defense, there are a few reasons for this embarrassing - and hilarious - state:

  • Everything (and I mean everything) goes in a project bag - real and 'fake' projects.
  • Testing (aka 'fake' projects) - grabbing random leftover bits from shop samples to try a project or technique and these REALLY don't count because they aren't anything, but it's still a bag.
  • Class projects - sometimes I might not always count these and sometimes it turns into not counting them at all. Note to self... this is probably not a good idea.
  • Shop samples - see above bullet point on 'Class projects' and note to self.
  • DOA Projects - these are the ones that never had a chance, but I stubbornly tried to stick with it. In reality, they just need to be frogged to purge the demons so the beautiful yarn can again be full of potential to be what it really wants to be.
  • Long-term projects - Beekeeper's Quilt is the perfect example. That puppy is not happening overnight.
  • FO's - seriously, I have more exciting things to do after I bind off and block than wind leftover yarn into a ball and put it into the stash.

So, after all was said and done, my 14 contained one or more of all of the above and I'm now down to 8 (or 7 if we are in agreement that the Beekeeper doesn't really count) and I feel this is respectable enough - we aren't going for perfection in a week.

Projects2AYYes, I know, the leopard loveseat print is totally rad and makes me look even more like a crazy yarn shop lady (thanks Dynae)! Just imagine a Beekeeper's Quilt on it - whoa!

Anyway, here's the breakdown of what's left...

The 4 in the back contain: my Grace, a skein of Spud & Chloe Sweater in Chipmunk for a tall Canning Jar Sweater and Calorimetry, Beekeeper bits (as previously stated, this probably doesn't really count) and a tall Canning Jar Sweater for hubby because he kind of deserves it.

The 4 in the front contain projects for Firefly Fibers: a Little Dragon, a Clapo-Ktus (I can't pronounce it either, but it's lovely) and 2 secret class projects that are really close to the finish line!

I feel like I can cast on another project now.. well, maybe not quite yet.

Now that I've shared... What's in your project bags?