And we have an FO!

This is where I was last night on the yellow sweater: image

Shortly before my eyes quit on me, I decided I wanted to knit 2 more rows before binding off. Even in my sleepy state, I knew this was risky with how much yarn I had left and long bind offs are best done when fully conscious. So, today I managed to eek 2 rows out of my remaining yarn and I had some serious doubts about it happening, but this is where I ended today:


Yes, that tail end at  11" is what I had to spare. Whew! It's currently in the bath and will be headed to the blocking boards shortly.

Now... to work on OWLS sleeves or another WIP? Oh, wait... doesn't an FO mean that I get to cast on a new project? Sadly, I think I need a 2:1 ratio for the time being since the project bag is bursting at the seams. I guess the Christmas ball for the Merry KAL will just have to wait. For now.