The Infamous Yellow Sweater

Remember this?

Nevis_YellowWIPIt's my Awesome Yellow Nevis. It's been finished, blocked and worn a couple times, but sadly the neck edge started folding under almost immediately (as garter edges tend to do), so it's been in a project bag waiting for a few more rows of garter to combat this.

Truth be told, it's literally been sitting in this 'almost complete' state for months, but it keeps getting pushed aside. Really, it's not going to take that long and now the weather is warming up so it's the perfect time for a bright yellow sweater!

This morning I decided tonight's Knit Night is when the second (and final) finishing is going to happen! It's amazing how the company of other knitters can make a tedious task almost seem enjoyable - I did say almost

Also, bribing myself with lunch may have encouraged the sudden enthusiasm for finishing...

216719_10200784839888676_494927177_nBut seriously, this task require no thinking, no counting, just un-doing and putting it back on the needles, so it's perfect for tonight. Note: Of course, I didn't note the pertinent details on my Ravelry project page and I can't find my notes with the needle size I used, so I'm going wing it. Cross your fingers for me!

Do you struggle with the finer details of finishing, or re-finishing? If so, what do you do to win the battle?