In the box(es)

Today was delivery day at Firefly Fibers! I love deliveries and I'm always excited when something new arrives - even if it's just some office supplies or a restock of patterns, I'm giddy! Today wasn't office supplies. Today was much more exciting! Want a peek? image

See the square one on the bottom right? That's the new trunk show from Spud & Chloe so I'll get those garments out on display ASAP. 

The boxes on the top have some amazing new Regia sock yarn and, as you can see, a sock arrived assembled to show how the yarn knits up. I totally want to knit a pair now!


That big box on the bottom left, that's from Malabrigo. There were more bags, but I dove into this box right away because...


I had to get to the new Finito! This superfine merino is so soft and the colors are amazing! It's already found a home front and center where it has been tempting me since lunchtime. Pretty, huh? Do you have any project suggestions?

FinitoAYSo, this is what my day has been like. Well, there's been bookkeeping, but I don't think would be nearly as exciting for you to read about. *wink*

Cheers, Alisa