Busy bee...

I've been busy at work and at home. This time of year is always exciting with new yarn, new patterns, and I always love cooking at home - even more when it's cold out. I've been knitting away on shop samples for the new Simple Beret by Knitbot and I just finished the last of the 4 weights today. This is the fingering weight in Shibui Staccato and the one that is now drying. It turned out lovely, just as the others did. I will share more later, but I will say now that this pattern and the samples have been a joy to knit from beginning to end!


I also recently cast on Grace, she is the last of the 5 designs from Jane Richmond's Island collection - some have been knit more than once because they are so much fun and perfect for showcasing the amazing yarn at the shop. Grace waited awhile because I had a tough time deciding on yarn and color. I must say that I am 100% happy with the final selection of SweetGeorgia's Tough Love Sock in Saltwater - it is the perfect marriage of amazing base yarn and fabulous color for a super fun knit! I am a bit further now and will give updates along the way.



It's also bread season in our house. I love bread and have tried making bread over the years and was mostly very unsuccessful. A few years back I received a copy of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and have been successfully making delicious bread ever since! I started a fresh batch of dough yesterday now that life is resuming somewhat normal pace, I made a batch of dough and this is the first loaf fresh out of the oven this morning. Can you say, "YUM"?

We've had some odd weather here. It was almost 60 degrees early last week with a snow storm and below zero temps shortly after. There is one guy that I rely on for loving the white stuff, that is my amazing Mr. Joey. He will be 12 this month and I'm contemplating baking him a cake - really, can you blame me? I have a book and he's a dog, so he will be kind to my baking incompetence, as will his sidekick Mr. Logan our 9 year old German Shepherd.


What are you knitting and what are you doing in the kitchen? Do you have different cooking habits this time of year?