As promised... A Giveaway!

Earlier this week when I announced my new website, I said there would be a giveaway. Well... here it is and it's for EVERYONE! A few months ago I discovered Cuppow! - "FOR SPILL-FREE SIPPING ON THE MOVE.  It’s BPA free and 100% recyclable and now you won’t spill all over yourself when you’re drinking from a canning jar."

I've always loved beverages in canning jars (though I do not have an issue with spilling on myself when drinking from them) and turning a canning jar into a travel mug had me over the moon - I immediately fell in love and placed an order for the shop! My next logical step with anything is to get out the yarn and needles to accessorize. A prototype was knit up quickly, but life being life, finalizing the pattern took a backseat and it took a few months to launch the pattern.

Now introducing, the Sweater Jar Cozy - perfect for all of your canning jar needs and the perfect accessory for Cuppow! Our pattern went live a couple weeks ago and is now available here on Ravelry as a PDF purchase and in print and PDF at Firefly Fibers.

In celebration of my new home on the internet (thanks for holding on until the giveaway part), I am giving away a Cuppow and yarn for your own Canning Jar Sweater (both provided courtesy of Firefly Fibers).

Since this website is about more than just knitting, anyone with a love of canning jars and a canning jar can enjoy this prize! Here are the details on what you'll win:

  • Cuppow! - choice of regular or wide mouth.
  • Sweater by Spud & Chloe (approx. 40 yards) - choice of any color in the yarn line.
  • Plus!!! Your choice of:
    • Yarn with pattern to knit your own Canning Jar Sweater.
    • Have me knit the Canning Jar Sweater for you  - yes, I will knit for you!

Want to win? To enter, simply post a comment telling me what your favorite beverage is - recipes are welcome. Comments must be posted by Saturday, December 8th. Update - comments are now closed for this giveaway. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Note: I'll post the winner here on the blog on Tuesday, December 11th, so please make sure to add me to your RSS feed/Reader list or make sure to check back so you'll see the posted name.

If not claimed within a week, this fabulous prize will be given away to a new winner.